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132 Consulting

Dedicated to enhancing eleadership skills for all

Doctor Teaching on Seminar

132 Leadership Consulting was started based on the need for successful organizations to enhance the eleadership skills to match changing working environments that engage customers and employees in both traditional and virtual work settings. 

All courses at 132 Leadership Consulting are build on a theory that builds a community of communication as our biggest asset. We believe that an organizations history is as important as its direction. For any organization to effectively get from past to present, it will take leadership and communication skills that provide vision and action. Our courses are designed to assist our client organizations to realize their own leadership styles and inherent communication skills to reflect the vision of the organization and help colleagues act in an ethical and inclusive manner that reaches organizational goals. 

We use both qualitative and quantitative data to take an empirical approach to leadership training. Our team believes that data is our biggest asset and providing the ability to use this data can help our clients make the data driven decisions needed to engage their people and show them what is needed to make change a reality. 

The Mission of 132 Leadership Consulting

At 132 Leadership Consulting, our mission is to empower organizations and emerging leaders with the essential e-leadership skills required to thrive in evolving work environments. Through our comprehensive courses, rooted in the belief that communication is the cornerstone of success, we guide our clients in developing their own leadership styles and harnessing their inherent communication skills. By fostering a community of inclusive and ethical practices, we enable our clients to translate their vision into action, achieving organizational goals and driving positive change.

The Vision of 132 Leadership Consulting

Our vision at 132 Leadership Consulting is to be a catalyst for transformative leadership and effective communication in organizations worldwide. We strive to be the premier provider of data-driven leadership training, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative insights to empower our clients to make informed decisions. By equipping emerging leaders and organizations with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape, we aim to create a future where exceptional leadership is the norm and where individuals and organizations flourish together.

Our Team

Dr. Kevin Lovelace 

  • Ed.D., Organization and Leadership

    • eLeadership

  • MBA, Management

  • MA, Leadership

Dr. Jonathan Pettey

  • Ed.D., Organization and Leadership

    • Social Identity and Leadership

  • MPH, Administration 

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